Grab your loved one and start getting prepared for the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance! For one night only!! We're gonna celebrate the shit out of the 80's and 90's! We're talking rocking that shit side to side, up and down, Top to Bottom, inside out and upside down! Be ready to hit the Flo and Set that muthafuckah on FIYAH!! Shits gonna get Reel! Fah Mi and yoU, Gi!

There a few requirements in order to attend this Epic event. Some ground rules lets call em. First and foremost- purchase tickets, in ADVANCE. We need to mail you, your ticket, in Advance. You will need tickets to ride this train. Pretty Basic, hope you're still with me. Two- Now here's the big one, the deal maker or deal breaker. To truly honor and celebrate the shit out of such a life changing time period, Its gonna require some serious effort and execution on your part. Gaining Entry, to this once in a lifetime extravaganza, demands more than just a ticket stub. To walk through the doors, EVERY guest must be dressed head to toe and be full on, in, an 80s or 90s get up. Not only a 80s or 90s get up, but a true costume. When we say costume, WE Mean you ARE someone from the fuckin 80s or 90s. For one night you will have to pull off, possibly the greatest costume test of your life. Thats the requirement, for every guest who accepts their invitation. Oh and trust in the fact that you were hand selected to receive an invite. Not every Tom Dick and Harry from the 80s and 90s got on this list. So whats it gonna be? Are you a Chicken McFly?!?!?!? Helloooooo McFly???? You already know the answer, its pretty goddam simple. It's time to go all in. And yes you can be Jean Claude Van Damage, or Bill and Ted, Molly Fuckin Ringwald or however you spell her name. You can rock this shit as Van Hagar or Metalli-fuckin-ca, for the night! Shit, you can be the dudes from Weird Science or sweat your face off in an ALF costume. Whatever blows your Dep back. The world is your oyster. Just don't half ass it.
That concludes the requirements and hopefully paints a clear pictured for you. Now onto the other details.

- Tickets are $25 Bucks each.
You need to get them in advance. The Weary Travelers fits 180, but comfortably, really 150. I will bet a C-note we will hit that number, don't be a douche and wait. I mean that in the nicest way possible. You can purchase tickets online at, it is safe and secure.

-There will be prizes for best costume, best group costume, best Dance Moves, maybe best mullet, who knows. Buckwheats Jimmy, Buckwheats. Who doesn't love Prizes, there will be shitloads of prizes.

-if you didn't pick up on the language, lets really shoot for no kids... fuck it right? You DESERVE a night out.

- We will have a DJ rocking the most badass and sensual tunes from the 80s & 90s! Just be ready scoop up that special someone to float up the stairway to Heavannnnnnnn! like your 8th grade dance. Yeahhhhhh! For real though, there will be slow jams and you will fuckin dance. To Them. With someone. Maybe you'll win a prize.

-THERE WILL be a Ladies and Mens Dance Competition. All the ladies will hit the floor together to pump up the Jam or Shoop or maybe Holidaaaaay! For the Dudes, who knows, we all know life is a highway, and Rick Rude's too sexy for his shirt, and we all want to party... All night long. Oh, Thats gonna happen. Be sure to listen up for the rules announcement. Good Luck!

-There will be punch, and some 80s 90s style food. Maybe Taco Bell, I think that came out in the 90s. Maybe some JuJu bees, or maybe just a big can of nacho cheese, like you used to get at babe ruth games or Gallo Ice Arena. The menu is still being decided.

- There will be 80s 90s Trivia and more prizes! be sure to catch up on Back to the future and splash. just saying.

- This spot is left blank, because we will be adding some more awesome shit.

-finally... if you think of something to add. feel free to email me. or text 508-274-0441

In Closing:

This is the 2nd event we are hosting as the newly formed, Expedition. Life. We're just a group of good people, brought together by the energy and life, of the one and only Nathan Bliss. It is our mission to carry on his spirit; to carry on his energy and his legacy. In this case, for this event. Its about creating a moment, a moment we can all share while we enjoy life, together. There's isn't enough of these moments in life, it seems and lets be honest, maybe the last time you saw your childhood friends was at a wedding or the other, shittier option. We all know it shouldn't be that way or have to be that way. But it is... Thats life. Really? Let us all say, Fuck That. It takes a lot of work for our old asses to get moving and It most certainly takes a lot of energy to bring all of us together. Use the energy you feel; its not a mistake or coincidence, this energy that will being us together. And you sure as shit know, You still got it. We still got it! We Never lost it, it was just taking a break, a siesta or some shit. In truth, one thing that we at Expedition Life can promise all, who want to take this ride with us. There will never be a shortage of energy, there will never a shortage of life blood and true human spirit at our events. We're on a mission. With your help, and love, and added energy, we will create something larger than ourselves. I wish I could tell what that is going to fully look right now but, as mentioned above. This is only our second event. When you make it to the Weary Travelers on March 10th. There will be more to share.

We Love you all. Here's to a 2019, full of Bliss!


The Weary Traveler's
77 Valley Bars Rd
Monument Beach, MA 02532

Saturday, April 6 at 6:30PM - 11:30PM

Any and all donations are welcome and appreciated.

With any questions don’t hesitate to reach out via email or phone. Thank you for your support.

Phone: 508-274-0441

Number of Guests:

Or send check payable to Expedition Life